The Roman artichoke, also called “mammola“, is just one of the different varieties of this good, healthy vegetable, which is used various preparations in the kitchen. The most common varieties cultivated in Italy in addition to the Roman one are the Sicilian, violet in colour, and the Sardinian, which, unlike the mammola, has thorns.
The fruits of the artichoke plant can be harvested from October until the end of spring, but their best yield is reached during the winter.
Let’s discover together the characteristics of this vegetable, which for centuries has been part of the traditional Roman cuisine.

The artichoke is not only tasty, it’s also good for you!

The properties of this vegetable with its particular shape are numerous and range from the high fibre content which, among other advantages, help to reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels. And what about the high content of antioxidants that in addition to combating aging prevent cardiovascular disease? They also have a high content of iron, copper and a high diuretic action.
This vegetable is usually eaten cooked, but can also be eaten raw, to make the most of its beneficial properties, cutting the inner leaves into thin slices and seasoning them in a salad with olive oil, salt, lemon and, for those who like, black pepper.

Artichokes in the kitchen

The recipes that can be prepared with artichokes are several and range from appetizers to first courses and tasty side dishes.

At Il Piccolo Mondo restaurant, where traditional Roman cuisine is at home, you will find many delicious and inviting dishes that will make you appreciate the best of this good and healthy vegetable. You can start your meal with classic and tender artichokes “alla romana” (cooked slowly in a pan) or with crispy artichokes “alla giudia” (fried), and then move on to the tasty tonnarelli with lamb ragout and artichokes.
If you’re keen on fish and you want to taste an original and delicate dish, the ombrina with cream of pumpkin and artichokes is the dish for you!

With this vegetable you can also prepare creamy risottos or side dishes such as sautéed artichokes, which go well with main courses of meat and fish.
Let’s say you’re really spoilt for choice!

If you want to taste the artichokes prepared according to the dictates of the best Roman culinary tradition, we are waiting for you at the restaurant Il Piccolo Mondo!

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