crème brûlée alla vaniglia

After you have discovered some salty recipes, our chef makes sure that you can surprise your guests from the start of the dessert with his vanilla crème brûlée with fruits of the woods.



  •     100gr of milk
  •     400gr of liquid cream
  •      80gr of sugar
  •     Some vanilla beans
  •     100gr of egg yolk
  •     Forest fruits
  •     A torch for the burned effect

Preparation :

Heat milk with cream and vanilla over low heat.

Mix the yolks with the sugar slightly to prevent a foam from forming at the next step

Incorporate both preparations and filter them.

Prepare the bowls placed in the pan and add water to a bain-marie.

Place in the oven at a temperature of approximately 130 degrees for 30 minutes so that the cream stabilizes.

Cooking ends when cooling.

Sprinkle the cream with cane sugar and, using a blowpipe, caramelize the sugar.

To be served with fresh wood fruits!