A classic never lets you down, both in fashion and interior design. You can feel that in our restaurant, maybe for those photos from the golden age of the “dolce vita”, maybe for its vintage furniture and its location, a few steps away from Via Veneto. The reasons are many and they show.
The restaurant “il Piccolo Mondo” looks like a vintage Mercedes: it’s comfortable, elegant, with lots of gadgets and lots of style. The same classic and timeless style of Audrey Hepburn, who still to this day is a benchmark and subject of study of fashion academies all over the world.

A classic and elegant restaurant for sure, where you can eat dishes that reflects the ambiance but, obviously, always revisited and enriched.

In the last few years, bistros are popping up like mushrooms… It gives the impression of focusing less and less on service and welcoming. A nice mise en place, a tidy room and an always ready staff can’t go amiss in a restaurant, especially in an area of Rome that is often associated with luxury, both by the Romans and the tourists. For this reason we like to define ourselves as an elegant and classic restaurant, with a menu and wines matching with our clients’ expectations. Of course, lunch can be less demanding, surely. There are some dedicated menus, fit for lunch break on working days, an we do have a “corner for paper table cloths” for quick meals, but the style remains well defined. No compromises on that!