Valentine’s Day is rich with myths and legends and it has its origins in pagan Rome, and it was born as a day of transgression and excess. Only at a later time it was transformed into a day dedicated to lovers.

The origins

In ancient Rome, February 15th was the fertility day, characterized by transgressive rituals such as the one which took place on the streets where the Roman matrons let a group of young naked boys, devotees to the god of fertility Lupercus, whip them. As centuries went by, since these rituals were in contrast with the Christian ideals, In 496 AD, on pope Gelaius I, the fertility day of the Romans went through some drastic changes: it was put forward one day to make it match with February 14th, dedicated to St. Valentine, and it became the day of lovers, and since then they had the saint as their protector.

This day, through the centuries, had several transformations, linked to the traditions and culture of the different eras.

Valentine’s Day today

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated often with candlelight dinners and gift exchanges between the lovers, even though all over the world there are some tweaks, following traditions and culture of each and every place. In the USA, in Canada and partially in England, for example, there’s the tradition of sending flowers and sweets to the loved ones, accompanied by secret cards that do not show the receiver the identity of the sender. In the caliente Spain, instead, they send roses in a heart shape.

Japan has the peculiarity of having the girls giving chocolates to their loved ones, whom on the same day the following month, will return the gesture by sending some white chocolate treats.

Moreover, this day is not on February 14th everywhere in the world; in Brazil, for example, lovers celebrate on June 12th, the day before St. Anthony’s day, that, according to the Brazilians, has the same power as the pagan god Cupid to make people fall in love.

And what happens in Italy?

In the land where the Mediterranean cuisine rules, the lovers day keeps being characterized by candlelight dinners, during which the lovers have a display of affections and gifts and where they can taste delicious food that satisfies the palate and the soul.

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