Easter, the Christian feast celebrating the resurrection of Christ, is accompanied in Italy by celebrations that vary from region to region, and is characterized by traditional dishes and sweets ranging from appetizers to desserts.
In addition to the traditional recipes shared at national level, such as “colomba”, or dove cake, and chocolate eggs, each region has its own special characteristics. There are many recipes, so we will mention just a few of the most famous.

Northern Traditions

some places in Italy, sweet or salty is preferred. In Milan, for example, the dessert is prevalent and a typical recipe is that of Pan de Meje, a type of bread with a sweet taste and flavoured with dried elderflower.
The lamb meat, characteristic of the Easter culinary tradition throughout the peninsula, is used in Trentino to prepare “Easter meatballs”; the other ingredients are shallots, rosemary, parsley, salt and pepper.

Easter in the centre and south

A typical product of the center are the pies, to be tasted with cold cuts and more. Umbria Marche and Lazio are characterized by the crescia, a type of soft bread, salty and cheese, which has the same shape as panettone and is accompanied by meats, eggs and cheeses.
Typical of Rome and Lazio is the so-called “Easter breakfast”, which provides a table richly packed with: boiled eggs, corallina (typical salami of Umbria and Lazio) to eat with Easter pizza, soft cake flavored with cinnamon and some also with liqueur, artichokes are also used to cook with the coratella and to make frittatas. A nutritious breakfast that almost resembles a lunch…
In Campania we find casatiello, a focaccia prepared both in the salted version, with bread dough and the addition of pepper, salami, boiled eggs, oil and lard, and in the sweet version decorated with royal ice (a mixture prepared with egg whites and icing sugar) and colored sugars.
Another traditional dessert of Campania is the famous Neapolitan pastiera, with ricotta, candied fruit, eggs and orange flavoured.
Going down even further we find the cuddure cu l’ova, large biscuits typical of the Sicilian tradition prepared with a dough similar to shortbread, with different shapes but which have the common characteristic of wrapping hard-boiled eggs. Colorful sugars are used for decoration.

Easter Lunch

Although the Easter lunch menu varies from region to region, there are still some common dishes. As an appetizer there are the inevitable boiled eggs, the basis of different recipes, and pies. For first courses we have lasagna or cannelloni, while for second courses the constant is lamb meat, used to prepare many recipes. They range from baked lamb to lamb chasserelles, fried ribs or lamb chasserelles to meatballs. As for desserts, the classic dove cake and chocolate eggs prevail.

Easter at “Il Piccolo Mondo”

As the popular saying says “Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want!”.
If you want to spend pleasant moments during Easter holidays in the company of family members or friends in the name of tradition and good food, the restaurant “il Piccolo Mondo” is the place for you! You will find a cosy atmosphere and a menu prepared for the occasion, with tasty dishes of the Roman tradition.

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