What makes an exceptional menu stand out? The quality of raw materials, the seasonality of products, the reference to tradition and an indispensable dose of creativity and innovation. The restaurant “il Piccolo Mondo”, in constant balance between contemporary and traditional, offers its customers a seafood menu based on fish from the Lazio coast and a menu of land inspired by Roman cuisine, with interesting revisitations and dishes suitable for the most demanding customers. The proposals for the summer are tinged with new colors, alchemy of flavors, contrasting notes and intense scents.

Seafood menu with catches from the coast of Lazio
Our seafood menu, based on fresh fish, offers dishes for all needs and for every taste. Lovers of the raw seafood can enjoy the fine appetizers, embellished with cruditès, citrus essences and spices: tuna tartare with strawberry and thyme vinegar; salmon tartare with celeriac and rhubarb; lime-scented navrina ceviche, coriander, raw pepper, red onion and ginger; amberjack and tomato carpaccio, with basil and lemon; raw Norwegian lobster with smoked salt and Roman zucchini carpaccio. Those who dare to experience them all at once can opt for the triumphant mixture of raw, which includes oysters, Norwegian lobsters, salmon, amberjack and navel ceviche. Among the hot dishes, the delicious fried mushrooms with golden artichokes shine with crispness, while the first courses of the sea are enriched with new proposals with an enveloping taste and a pleasant touch of freshness: egg tuna with cuttlefish gricia, raw asparagus and Roman pecorino cheese, linguine with pink shrimp and lime. Among the main courses, the fish soup of the day with potatoes and bread croutons and the lemon ombrina fillet with sauteed broccoli stand out.

Land-based menu inspired by Roman cuisine
Our dishes have always been inspired by the Roman tradition, which we look at with deep respect, without giving up the opportunity to experiment with new combinations and contemporary recipes. For this reason, we have included in the new menu proposals that are more appealing to local cuisine, albeit with a more sophisticated and innovative perspective. Together with the classic first courses (carbonara, cacio e pepe, amatriciana) we invite you to try our carbonara beef tartare with beef cheek, pecorino, egg red and pepper, the delicious beef meatballs with braised cabbage and the herb lamb carob with mushroom tabbouleh. An essential whim is represented by the DOP buffalo mozzarella from Campania with anchovies from the Cantabrian and rocket.

A small world made of sweetness
For the lovers of sweets and desserts we have in store irresistible temptations. You can taste the delicious tiramisu with savoiardi of the house, taste the excellent English soup with discs of dark chocolate, enjoy the soft atmosphere of the 70% dark chocolate cake with bisque olive oil and salty crumble or dive into the velvety heart of a crispy peanut cylinder with white chocolate foam, lime and basil.