Catalana di gamberi al profumo di lampone e salsa allo yogurt

Holidays begin to be a reminder far away ?

Here is the perfect, colorful and soothing solar recipe 🙂



  •     12 shrimp
  •     2 potatoes
  •     tomatoes 200gr
  •     celery
  •     onion of Tropea
  •     basil
  •     raspberry vinegar
  •     salad
  •     For yogurt sauce: whole yogurt, fresh cream,  lemon juice, salt and pepper



Directions :

Boil the potatoes cubes and cool them after cooking.

Cook the shrimp already clean.

Prepare the yogurt sauce mixing the ingredients.

Season potatoes with celery, cherry tomatoes, onion, basil, lemon juice, salt and pepper (optional raspberry vinegar).

Place the salad on the plate, mix it with potatoes, shrimp and add the yogurt sauce to make a chunky, cool dough.


Enjoy your meal !