Orecchiette con pesce spada, melanzane croccanti e mollica di pane all’arancia e timo

Orecchiette with swordfish ,eggplant and  orange bread crumbs

The first week of the school year is finally over and you are wondering what to cook this weekend?

Do not think about anything, our chef reveals his tasty recipe of orecchiette ! The orecchiette are small italian pasta !


Ingredients for 4 people:

  •     320g of pasta
  •     300g of swordfish
  •     250g of eggplant
  •     1 pinch of garlic
  •     olive oil
  •     bread crumbs
  •     1 orange
  •     Some leaves of basilica




Cut the eggplant into cubes and salt.

Drain them so they remain crisp in the cooking.

Also cut the swordfish into cubes.

In the frying pan, season the garlic with oil and add the diced fish and eggplant.

Finally, add salt, pepper and orange-flavored bread crumbs.

Cook the pasta a few minutes before serving and add it in your preparation!