Have you ever asked yourselves why Rome, even though it is not a maritime city, is often related to the sea? Its bond with this element has its roots in the history of the eternal city, when the imperial ships sailed the seas to discover new lands and conquer new worlds. Between Fiumicino and Ostia Antica you can admire the archaeological park, where once was the ships docking point, with the ruins of the port buildings. We are talking about the port of Trajan and its warehouses, an evocative place full of history.

The port of Trajan

In the port of Trajan (113 d.C.) there was the seaport of ancient Rome. The port system, which connected the sea and the river to the city, was the hub of mercantile trade and commercial activities of both Rome and Ostia Antica. As for the latter, the presence of the salt works of Ostia must be underlined, as they were a strong factor in the city’s economy. In this port the Roman ships docked and supplied the two cities with goods of all kinds, coming from different parts of the world. Sailing was faster than traveling by land and foodstuffs were offloaded from ships into the port of Trajan, and sold directly or transported to be crammed in the warehouses, guaranteed the existence of more than a million people.

From ancient Rome to nowadays

The Lazio coast is very rich in fish and this is one of the reason why in ancient Rome there were places like Ostia Antica and Trajan markets in the sea proximity. Serving fish in the center of Rome isn’t only meant to satisfy customers, but also to respect the history and the relationship that Rome has always had with the sea. In respect of the ancient tradition, here at il Piccolo Mondo we offer our customers a rich menu of fish from the Lazio coast, raw and cooked. The choice is vast and tasty! We start from raw fish with oysters, amberjack carpaccio (with tomato, lemon and fresh basil), stone bass ceviche (with lime zest, coriander, pepper, red onion and ginger), just to give some examples. Then we move to appetizers (eg grilled octopus with potatoes and black garlic), first courses (eg tonnarelli with cuttlefish gricia and asparagus) and main courses like rich grilled fish and may others recipes that will meet everyone’s taste.

We are excited to let you taste our seafood dishes surrounded by the contemporary Roman background, which holds an indissoluble bond with its origins.

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