Why choosing “Italian style” raw fish instead of sushi? We often talk about the mistake of identifying raw fish with sushi, which has been popular in Italy for some years. In fact, like raw fish lovers know, there are several delicious alternatives to this typical dish of the traditional Japanese cuisine, widespread in other parts of the world for many years. Italian cuisine, as how far as raw fish is concerned, has nothing to envy to the Japanese one.

Fish properties

It is well known how important is to regularly eat fish, 2-3 times a week, for its multiple nutritional properties. In addition to phosphorus, vitamins and high quality proteins, fish is rich in Omega 3, mainly contained in salmon, tuna and the so called bluefish (codfish, anchovies, mackerel, etc.). These polyunsaturated fatty acids are very useful to prevent cardiovascular diseases, since they contribute lowering the cholesterol level in the blood and fighting inflammatory diseases. They also affect the blood pressure lowering and heart rhythm.
Therefore those who consume raw fish, in addition to satisfying their palate, have the advantage of fully enjoying the benefits of Omega 3, which can be modified by the cooking process.

Local delicacies

Thanks to the large variety of fish offered by our seas, Italian cuisine has always been creative in offering fish based recipes. Those who love fish in general, and raw fish in particular, will find in the Piccolo Mondo menu a variety of delicious dishes prepared with extreme care. We offer our clients carefully selected fish to grant them freshness and quality.
You can start your meal with a rich “raw mixed” dish, a triumph of fish that includes tastings of prawns, oysters, amberjack thin slices, tuna and salmon tartare. You can taste precious oysters or tasty dishes like amberjack thin slices with tomato, lemon and fresh basil; tuna tartare with strawberry vinegar and thyme; croaker fish cheviche with lime, coriander, raw pepper, red onion and ginger, just to give some examples. For the most demanding palates we have first choice lobsters on request.

If you like cooked fish more than raw, here you can find many appetizing dishes ranging from starters, like musky octopus and artichokes (fried in extra virgin olive oil) or grilled cuttlefish with herbs and grilled radicchio. Moving on first courses you’ll find tasty tonnarelli with cuttlefish gricia and asparagus or calamarata with grouper ragout and lime. Ending with second courses like a tender croaker fish filet with lime or a tuna steak with sesame and ginger vegetables.
These are just examples of the large choice of tasty fish dishes listed in our menu. If you love eating fish in all its different variations, il Piccolo Mondo is the right place for you! We are waiting for you!

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