Russian Salad

Traditional cured-meats and cheeses selection with mixed bruschette

Boiled beef with potatoes and carrots steamed, green sauce and homemade mayonnaise

Fried Vegetables broccoli, cauliflower, sage, borage mushrooms and pumpkin

Thin slices of salmon marinated with citrus fruits, with spring onion and songino salad

Baby squidd sautee’ with tomatoe sauce and croutons

Beef tartare with poached egg and white truffle



Tagliolini with white truffle

Tortellini in broth

Cannelloni stuffed with creamed salt cod

Lasagna with Ragu ‘Bolognese

Linguine with lobster


Main Course

Baked lamb with potatoes, flavored with rosemary

Fillet of turbot in bread crust with zucchini scapece and mint pesto

Grilled mixed seafood with calamari prawns shrimps tuna and  salmon

Beef fillet with red wine sauce, or grilled with white truffle rock on top


Side Dishes

Roman style artichokes

Puntarelle (heart of chicory)

Mixed salad

Roasted potatoes



Ricotta mousse with red fruit

Pear mascarpone chocolate and walnuts