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A variety of extraordinary flavors


The experience and the creativity of the chef, teamed up with an amazing brigade, allows us to propose the clients a rich and varied menu. Thanks to a scrupulous attention to the choice of ingredients, privileging seasonal products, you will taste the authentic flavor of the ingredients used.

To meet the needs of all the gluten intolerant people, we also offer a gluten free menu.

To those that care about ethics, we prepare ad hoc vegan and vegetarian dishes.

See the list of allergens


Raw of the sea

Special oyster fine de Claire

Crustaceans , prawn and shirimp

Tuna, sea bream and salmon carpaccio and small tartare with oil and lime

Croaker tartar with mango, fennel seeds and pink pepper

Tuna sashimi with mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, honey and mustard sauce

Raw fish Gran Plateau (min 2 person)

(Oysters, scampi, prawns, tartare, carpaccio)

Warm of the sea

Baby squids and fried anchovies

Saute of mussels and clams with croutons

Grilled octopus with potatoes and Taggiasche olives

Gratinated scallops with herbs

Salad with onions potatoes cherry tomatoes and prawns


Norcia ham selection € 14,00

Mixed cold cuts of the territory with croutons

Marinated beef carpaccio, arugula, parmesan and mustard sauce

Roman fried: meatball of vaccinara style,

stuffed pumpkin flower, cod fillet, buffalo croutons and anchovies

  “Piccolo Mondo” Sushi

only for take away

Maki with tuna or salmon or sea bass  (six pieces per serving)

Tuna or salmon or sea bass nighiri (three pieces per serving)

Rolls of tuna, avocado and sesame (three pieces per serving)

Rolls of asparagus, salmon and Philadelphia (three pieces per serving)

Rolls of mortadella, pistachios and confit tomatoes (three pieces per serving)

Rolls without parmigiana eggplant rice (three pieces per serving)


Buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and basil

Eggplant Parmesan

Cous cous with vegetables with tomato sauce

Spinach salad with tzatziki sauce

Mixed salad

Seasonal vegetables with sour or  fried sauté


Homemade fettuccine, with fresh tomato and basil

Homemade tonnarelli with cheese black pepper and  crispy artichokes

Rigatoni alla Carbonara with pork cheek, eggs black pepper

Bucatini Amatricina style with tomato sauce, cheek and black pepper and cheese

Homemade Ravioli with veal shank saffron and cheese from Puglia


Spaghetti with clams white wine parsley and chili pepper

“Vermicelli pasta“ with garlic oil squid curls and confit tomatoes

Gragnano ring pasta “allo scoglio” with seafood


Veal saltimbocca with ham and sage

Duck breast with vegetable

Roasted rack of lamb with chicory and potatoes

Etrecote beef steak Angus


Fillet of croacker with purple potatoes and crunchy almonds

Gadus Morhua cod cooked at low temperature with tomato and bean soup

Seared spicy red tuna with spinach salad and tzatziki sauce

Mixed grilled fish and shellfish (fish fillet, squid, shrimp, prawn)

Wild Catch of the day (baked with potatoes, salt crust, grilled, “acqua pazza”, ginger sauce)

Turbot, sea bream, seabass, amberjack, red snapper, white snapper, croaker


Seasonal fruit

Ice cream and sorbets


Apple and cinnamon crumble with vanilla ice cream

Hazelnut basket with ricotta mousse, grilled pistachios and dark chocolate

Parfait with white chocolate and hazelnuts with cookies-coffee and balsamic sauce

Tasting of sweets from the ”Piccolo Mondo”

We inform our customers that all manufacturing processes follow the correct sterilization and sanitization practices. The restaurant is certified according to the HACCP discipline.

All the rooms, the kitchen and bathrooms of the restaurant, are sanitized daily, and all workers are equipped with the required protections, that is eye protection, gloves, hats, masks and over shoes.

The expected safety distance is observed.

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