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Asparagus: tasty for those who love them and nutricious for everyone!

When spring comes, it brings a mild weather and a lot of beautiful colors. In the same time asparagus reach our tables. In addition to being delicious, they provide nutritional benefits to the body. Rich in fiber, these vegetables got folic acid, vitamins (in particular vitamins A, C and K) and mineral salts. Recent studies […]

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Croaker: a fish with remarkable nutritional properties

The croaker or umbrine is a fish similar to sea bream and sea bass, but not eaten as much. This could be a consequence of overfishing in recent years, which has made it a rare fish. It is currently available on the market mainly for breeding. It is a sea bony fish with an oval […]

Valentine’s Day Menu

“Love is like good cooking: special dishes always start with simple ingredients, transformed with imagination.” (Paul Mehis) Valentine’s Day Menu “il Piccolo Mondo” Welcome prosecco and delicacies from the Piccolo Mondo Appetizers Tuna tartare with passion fruit and cuttlefish ink Pasta Sea bass ravioli with cream of black cabbage and tomato powder Main course Wild […]

Artichokes: a typical vegetable of the Roman cuisine

The Roman artichoke, also called “mammola“, is just one of the different varieties of this good, healthy vegetable, which is used various preparations in the kitchen. The most common varieties cultivated in Italy in addition to the Roman one are the Sicilian, violet in colour, and the Sardinian, which, unlike the mammola, has thorns. The […]